"There is no linear evolution; there is only a circumambulation of the self."
Carl Jung

Mandala's have long been used in ancient societies and religions as symbols of the universe and wholeness.  In the mid 1900's, Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, introduced the mandala as a representation of ones self.  While studying Eastern religions, Jung took the concept of the mandala and applied Western thoughts.  In looking at the mandala with a Western and psychology thought process, Jung was able to use the mandala to represent a persons potential in pursuit of wholeness.  


The uniqueness and complexity of mandalas can be related to the recovery process in that each person and their recovery path is unique.  However, like the mandala, each recovery is similar in that it focuses on the self and potential of the individual in recovery.  


At Serenity and Creative Counseling we are here to help you discover your uniqueness and potential in pursuit of a sober whole self.  We strive to help you find your inner serenity through both traditional modalities and through creative processes.   

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