Group Therapy  

You're Not Alone

Group therapy is the core of our facility.  In group therapy, client's explore problems, ramifications, feelings, attitudes, and even more in relation to their substance abuse problem.  While each recovery is specific to the individual in recovery, group therapy helps to show that while circumstances may be unique, you are not alone in your struggles.  We offer different levels of group therapy, gender specific groups, trauma groups, and  aftercare support groups, giving preference to pregnant women and IV users.  A counselor can recommend the appropriate group or groups based on the initial assessment.  

Men's Group 

Our men's only group gives male clients the opportunity to address gender-specific issues.  Society can place unreasonable expectations on men and this group can help to eliminate those expectations and accept the realities of being in your current situation.  Additionally, being in a male only group provides a sense of camaraderie by having shared male experiences,

Women's Group 

Women have a tendency to put their family needs above their own needs.  Our women's only group gives female clients the opportunity to address female specific problems and put their needs first, sometimes for the first time in their life.   A women's only group clients can express themselves more openly and in turn build a support network with strong female bonds.  

Trauma Group 

Overcoming Trauma is a 6 week closed group.  This means that no one new will come into the group during the 6 weeks.  This group focuses on processing traumatic experiences that may have led to or supported a client's substance abuse.  This group works on learning healthy coping, relaxation, and cognitive skills in order to manage symptoms of anxiety or depression.  The ultimate goal of this group is to process traumatic experiences in order to reduce anxiety and depression which will assist with and support a client's sobriety.

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